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1. Heavy Duty Galvanized Construction
2. 18 Gauge Stainless Steel (Exterior)
Column Screens

3. Self Cleaning Transfer Units

4. Access Throughout the Dryer
(In and Out). Platforms Every 8 Feet
(2.4 m)

5. Exterior Weather Enclosure

6. Gravity Discharges

7. Centrifugal Airfoil Fans (Double Width,
Double Inlet), Highest C.F.M. Per
Horsepower in the Industry, Quietest Dryer
on the Market

8. Heating and Cooling Air Recycling

9. Tempering Zones at Transfer
and Before Cooling

Galvanized construction is used wherever
possible which requires very little
maintenance while remaining attractive
for years.

Access ladders and catwalks provide ease
of maintenance